Understanding Cap Rates Across Different Property Types: A Guide by Atlantic Commercial Lending

Jun 19, 2024

Understanding Cap Rates Across Different Property Types

When investing in commercial real estate, capitalization rates (cap rates) are essential for evaluating potential returns. Here's a quick guide to cap rates for four major property types: multifamily commercial properties, apartments, storage units, and industrial properties.

Multifamily Commercial Properties

Multifamily commercial properties, such as large apartment complexes, typically have cap rates ranging from 4% to 6%. These investments are seen as stable due to the consistent demand for housing and steady rental income, making them a popular choice for risk-averse investors.

Smaller apartment buildings usually offer cap rates similar to multifamily commercial properties, around 4% to 6%. These properties benefit from a steady demand for rental housing, providing reliable income streams and lower vacancy rates.

Storage Units

Storage facilities boast cap rates between 6% and 8%, driven by high demand and low maintenance costs. While location significantly affects cap rates, these properties provide robust returns because of the growing need for storage space.

Industrial Properties

Industrial properties, such as warehouses, present cap rates from 5% to 8%. The e-commerce boom has increased demand for industrial space, ensuring a stable income stream through long-term leases. However, factors like location and tenant quality can influence the cap rate.

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Cap rates vary across property types, reflecting their unique risks and rewards. Multifamily commercial properties and apartments offer stable returns with lower cap rates, while storage units and industrial properties provide higher cap rates and greater returns. Understanding these differences helps investors make informed decisions and strategically diversify their portfolios.

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